WordPress Development

WordPress is gaining more and more popularity each day, WordPress is Open Source Blog publishing software which uses PHP as front end and MySQL as back end in the application.

It is highly extensible through pluggable framework and use of ‘Plugin’. A plugin is a pluggable feature to the WordPress application which allow an enhancement , allows customization or modification to the installed wordpress application easily. It consists of one or more functions which integrates with the wordpress application without actually modifying the existing application code. At solutionsofts our developer’s, specialize in creating custom theme and custom WordPress plugins for any functionality. We’ve built and released many WP plugins and understand how to include any special features in WordPress. If you need a custom WordPress plugin created, trust the experts.


BuddyPress plugin that allow users to be a member by registering themselves, after registration they will get an email with activation link, as they click on that activation link, they are ready to login to the site. After login they can post their thoughts and also can view other details like— how members are there on site? View all posts by other users and can also manage his/her profile.

Membership plugin

Membership plugin to Manage Membership Levels, Members Area and Content Protection, Auto Up gradation, Integrate Auto responder, Payment Processor and Login, Registration Pages, plugin integrated to the client website, add Google add sense, User can add events, manage events, create events, import events from Facebook, social networking API integration, add login and registered by Facebook, after login user can manger their own account by account setting.

Barcode generation Plugin

WordPress plugin for a Barcode Generation where people can input their information and generate 1D and 2D barcodes and formats are QR Code, EAN, UPC-A, Code 128, Aztec, Code 39, Coda bar, and Channel Code with 300 DPI image which compatible on jpeg and png.

Woocommerce Data Import Plugin

WordPress plugin to import stuff into WordPress and Woocommerce, able to import the following CSV files: users / clients and orders / order status with Woocommerce functionality and after successfully import the CSV file it will shows the relationship between clients, orders and products.

WP-Plugin for instagram post

WordPress plugin for Instagram post with these features: — users can post/comments/feeds/streams using their Instagram account, promote other’s post, give rank to others, ranking users and most posted users will come in side bar, easily compatible with social share/comments/feeds/streams.

WP-Plugin for Analytics

WordPress based plugin that allows WordPress site admins to gather all real time traffic data that is sent to their site. It has a user friendly interface that has multiple options for site admins to check all the visitors’ data in detail. The data is displayed in both list and graphical format. The listings/graph can be sorted on the basis of dates and other options like today, yesterday, last month etc. The admin can view IP address of the visitors along with their country, browser, operating systems, time of visit, number of visits etc. The plugin can easily track live robots and bots from feeds, search engines etc. The plugin has features to track referring sites and referring keywords from search engines. The admin can also see the list of online users and it also displays the number of unique visitors which visited the site OR any specific page. The admin can also view the total visitors and unique visitors of any particular page of the site.

Ecommerce Plugin

WordPress based ecommerce plugin. This plugin is developed from scratch by using WordPress plugin API. The payment gateway used is PayPal express checkout with recurring payment API.The site admin has following facilities in the backend:

  • Manage products: Add, edit and delete products. The admin can also mark the product as regular OR recurring
  • Manage categories: Add, edit and delete product categories.
  • Manage orders: Add, edit and delete product orders.
  • Manage pricing and currency options: The admin can set the currency and can also select the currency display format
  • Manage payment gateways and can enter payment API details.
  • Manage size of the product image and thumbnails
  • Set the store in live OR demo mode.
  • View sales statistics using graphs and can also filter and export the sales data to CSV format.
  • Add featured products widgets and most selling products widgets.
  • Manage discount coupons.

Survey Plugin

WordPress plugin some key features of the plugin are , Add survey questions to a page, Setup auto responders account, Capture email to the selected auto responder, Back-end: – Admin part have two menu one is Survey – Setup In which add any type of Quiz, Second menu is Survey – result in which sees result of that Quiz and worked on plugin security for licensing, Once the plugin is installed the user should enter their email address. The program will validate their email address in our server. If found the plugin will be activated and usable. If not then the plugin will tell them they have invalid license with call home code that will check if the email address of the admin who install the plugin is still on our database.